A lot of things have taken place here at Burke Brangus Farm since we last updated our website. We are promising to do better on that front but as anyone who raises cattle knows, it is always hard to find enough hours in the day. 

In the fall of 2011 we hired Cattle Solutions (Kyle and Crystal Devoll) to come on board as our herd consultants. We are very excited about them bringing their years of experience to the cattle industry to our operation. We consider this to be a giant step forward as we position our herd for the future. Kyle and Crystal each have their unique talents that they will be contributing to our program. They will be selecting all of our genetics and planning all of the matings as well as developing the road map for marketing the program. Crystal is a great asset with all of her experience in graphic design and photography. She will be developing all of our print media and taking all of our pictures as the need arises. Great things are underway at Burke Brangus Farm and we will be showcasing some of these things on our website as time progresses.

Ms Brinks Lambert 803T6

Ms Brinks Lambert 803T6

We have had a super exciting spring as we sold the high selling lot, Ms Brinks Lambert 803T6, in the Ideal Video Customer Appreciation sale on February 28, 2013 in Houston, Texas. She sold for $45,000 to Lake Majestic of Alabama and we would certainly like to say thank you to those folks for their confidence in our cattle. We wish you all of the success that we have had out of this great female!

You also need to check out our "Genetics For Sale" page. We have an outstanding set of Chattooga heifers for sale. This is a really nice solid set of daughters out of our former herd sire QCB-BBF Chattooga 289U2. These heifers put it all together with an impeccable phenotype and great disposition. Most are AI bred and then have been pasture exposed to one of our new herd sires.

The spring wrapped up by us having another successful round of AI. The weather was perfect this year. It was not too hot with plenty of moisture. The cows are doing great and we can hardly wait to see what the future calf crop will hold.